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How to Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw? – Detailed Instruction for You

Any action related to the blade in a miter saw needs to be carried out carefully. Today, let’s find out how to change the blade on Ryobi Miter Saw without hurting yourself or anyone around. 

How to Change Blade on Ryobi Miter Saw? 

Step 1: Understand thoroughly the safety regulations

Before removing any part from a power tool, specifically a Ryobi Miter Saw, you should learn the necessary regulations on how to maintain safety while dealing with a saw blade. 

First, make sure that the saw is unplugged. When you have just shut it down, wait for the blade to stop completely before moving to the next step. 

Any action towards your blade is potentially harmful to you and the surroundings. For that reason, putting on safety gear is a must, including safety glasses, gloves, boots, etc. 

There are undoubtedly more safety precautions that we cannot list them all out here. Make sure to prep yourself with safety first.

Step 2: Let loose the blade arm

On the off chance that the blade arm is in its down position and bolted, it must be pressure-discharged before you handle the lock. To discharge the blade arm, pull out the lock pin and let the arm move upward.

Step 3: Take out the bolt cover

Rotate the blade until you find the Phillips-head screw. Loosen this screw, move the bolt to the upper level, and see the hex-head blade bolt.

In case you can’t find the screw, follow for more detailed illustrations.

Step 4: Remove the blade

Find the spindle lock button and push it to the point it meets and locks the spindle. This action will prevent the blade from bolt from spinning. In case the lock cannot be manually locked, use a 10mm wrench to support your work. 

Turn the blade bolt, which is now left-handed, to loosen and remove it.

Remove the bolt and the blade out from the tool.

Step 5: Install the new blade

Slide the new edge up onto the axle. Next, point the cutting edge towards the front of the miter saw. 

Supplant the external washer and jolt. Turn the jolt to counterclockwise heading.

Push the axle lock and securely fix the jolt with the assistance of a 10mm wrench and install the new blade for a grand finish. 

Once you are done installing the new blade, the next thing to do is pick a good portable table saw for woodworking that is compatible with your newly-installed blade. 


And that’s how you change the blade on a Ryobi Miter Saw. We hope that this article has provided helpful information so that you can replace your saw’s blade properly and effectively. See you on our next saw-material article!