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The Real Reason Why I Love Bulova Watches

bulova watches

Bulova is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent watch brands in the world right now. And recently, I’ve just bought my 3rd Bulova watch for myself. It’s a nice little ladies watch from their new collection. And today, I will show you why I love these bad boys so much!

The first reason why I love Bulova timepieces is that they’re really accurate! Really, they rarely miss out on more than a few seconds a day. With the world-famous Accu-Swiss movement and their brand new developments in terms of timekeeping technologies, Bulova watches are among the most accurate wristwatches on the planet right now. Or as my friend shared in this recent Bulova watches review, you simply can’t find other watches that can match the time precision level of Bulova.

Another reason why I admire this brand is that their level of customer support is really great. I mean, I once got my shipment arrived a bit late. And when I called their support hotline, the lady on the other end really cared about my concern and she told me not to worry as she would take care of that for me. And after just a few minutes, she told me that my shipment had already arrived at my postal address. And it did! How amazing was that?

And thirdly, I really got addicted to Bulova because of their vast choices of watches. You can literally find any watch style you love there in their collections. From the famous Moon watches, to the dive watch series like the Marine Star, or more. And the best part is, the prices are not that high. So you won’t go broke buying a new Bulova watch like when you try to bring home a new Rolex or Omega, for example.