Greatest Benefits Of Tennis For Your Kids And More

Tennis is suitable for all ages and brings a lot of benefits to players. So for young children, what effects does tennis bring? How to introduce this sport to children? How to choose a tennis racket for your child? This article will answer those questions. Read on for more information.

3 Greatest Benefits Of Tennis For Kids

Children who play tennis will receive great physical, mental and social benefits.

Tennis develops children’s physical health
Tennis has a lot of movement like running around, fast movements and using the whole body. This sport will have a comprehensive impact on the child’s body, both externally and internally. On the one hand, tennis helps to build and develop the body’s muscular strength. It also develops your child’s gross and fine motor skills. Synthetic motor skills involve moving major muscle groups such as the arms and legs. Fine motor skills are smaller movements through the wrists, fingers, and toes. With that, your child will also build hand-eye coordination, balance, and flexibility. On the other hand, tennis improves the health of the heart and lung systems through cardiovascular activity. Since then, the child’s immune system is developed, helping to prevent many pathogens, especially flu.

Tennis improves children’s mental activities
In each game, tennis requires players to have high alertness and sharp tactical thinking to defeat the opponent. When playing tennis, children experience an increase in their ability to concentrate, reason, and execute on goals. As children progress in the game, they also master the skills of goal setting and achievement.

Tennis brings social benefits
Tennis is an interactive game that can be played individually or in doubles. Children who play tennis learn communication skills such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and teamwork. In addition, playing tennis also gives children an effective way to relieve stress, avoid depression, and reduce time watching TV. Establishing a good fitness routine at an early age will really help your child maintain a healthy lifestyle as an adult.

3 Ways to Introduce Kid to Tennis

There are many different ways to introduce this sport to young children. But in any case, the first important thing you need to note is the child’s fun and excitement. Here are 3 basic suggestions:

Play with your child
If you want your kids to enjoy tennis, nothing gets them excited faster than playing with you. When the weather is nice, take them to the tennis courts at the park. At this point, be a good mentor. Don’t take the game too seriously, bring it down to their level as long as it captures the child’s interest. Show them how much fun you are having. This has very important spiritual implications for the children. Sometimes you can invite them to play with the adults. Chances are, they’ll want to join in at some point later.

Find a good program
Signing up for a kid’s tennis program is a great way for kids to invest in the game. The course not only provides basic knowledge and skills to play but also gives them the opportunity to make new friends. Depending on the conditions you can choose for yourself the appropriate tennis program.

Bring the game home
You create a kid-friendly tennis court in your backyard. No need to worry too much about expensive tools. You just need to buy balls, a child-sized racket, a mini net, a few horizontal lines, and the kids can have fun.

Tips To Choose Tennis Racket For Kids

There are many things to keep in mind when choosing a racquet for your child. However, the number one concern is finding a racket that is the right size for your child. If your player holds a racquet that is too big and heavy, there is a risk of injury to the wrist and elbow. Conversely, a racquet that is too small will hinder your child’s progress in the sport.
Children’s racquets are classified by length, not by head size as in adults. The length of the racket will correspond to the age group and are roughly classified as follows:
17-inch racket for young children, from 2-3 years old
19-inch racquet for children aged 4 and under
21-inch racquet ideal for children aged 5-6
23-inch racquet for children from 7- 8 years old
25-inch racket for 9 or 10-year-olds
26-inch racquet for children 11 years old and up.

With the physical, mental and social benefits it brings, it can be seen that tennis is an extremely useful sport for young children. With just a few simple tips and tricks, parents can introduce their children to this great sport. Wish success.