About Driver golf club and its replacement

As we all know, every golf club in a golf sport has its own function: like a Driver club for the long ball. wedges for hit lobs the ball into Green or out of a bunker. Putter for the last shot to the hole on the Green…
In this article, we would like to share something about Driver golf club and its replacing club

The Driver:

The driver golf clubs has the flattest surface as it is designed to hit the ball long distances. The flat surface of the club allows the ball to fly with the smallest angle, minimizing the effect of wind. That is why it has such tremendous strength and distance if used correctly. However, it is the most difficult to use a club in a club bag because its length often makes it harder to control than other clubs. This is also the reason why beginners should use either a 3-wood or a 5-wood stick.

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All golfers want the best, most accurate tee shot. But, the Driver club is the longest stick model, delivering the longest shot but the most difficult to control. So, why not try the “split club” strategy, instead of trying to hit Driver to 300y, use other clubs with shorter attack distance but better control?

Golf club replacement

Fairway wood golf clubs

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The Fairway wood clubs has long been a popular alternative to a driver club when teeing off, and there are two benefits to using a fairway wooden club when hitting off a tee.
First, these clubs have a larger loft than the driver club and can help provide ease of hitting. The higher loft angle also produces more backspin which helps to reduce the amount of face pin causing hook and paving.
Second, they are shorter in length than the driver clubs giving you more control over the clubhead. Golfers can hit the sweet spot more often as they have more head control.

Hybrid golf clubs

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Hybrid clubs have many of the same benefits as fairways Wood: higher loft angles, less sidespin, shorter length, and more control. In addition to those positives, hybrid clubs also give you the flexibility of irons as they are a replacement for irons in a club set. Hybrid clubs open the door to a new level of swing precision to ensure your swingers get a good ball position on the fairway.

Driving / Utility Iron ClubsThe 5 Best Driving Irons For The 2021 Season - Golfer Logic

Driving iron and utility iron are increasingly popular among professional golfers. Many golfers want to control their irons when they need to hit the fairway and find these iron options more user-friendly and easier to hit than hybrid clubs.


Above is a shared article about the function of the Driver golf club and the types of clubs that can replace it in the game. Hope this article has helped you in choosing which golf clubs for the game and when to use them properly.
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