5 Table Saw Tips For Beginners You Need To Know

Are you a new DIYer? And you are meeting difficulties while using a table saw, aren’t you? Don’t worry too much because you are reading the right content.

In this article, we will provide you with 5 tables saw tips for beginners like you.

Let’s roll down and read right now!

5 Table Saw Tips For Beginners You Can Pocket

Using a table saw for the first time is not easy, especially for those who are using a professional tool as the RIDGID R4512 (details at https://www.discoveriesla.com/ridgid-table-saw-r4512-review). That’s why you’d better remember the following tips:

5 Table Saw Tips For Beginners

Utilize Feather boards For An Additional Set Of Hands

Feather boards will help you keep the materials parallel with the fence and have a straight cut. First, you have to put the feather board against the fence at a distance that is as large as the wooden piece size. Then push the wood forward until you get it cut.

Install Outfeed Support

If feather boards can only work with short wooden boards, outfeed tables support longboards. When you slide a longboard on the table saw, it tends to bend down, so the outfeed board is like a supporter at the end.

Clamp-On a Long Fence For LongBoards

To avoid a long, heavy, and big plywood falling out while working alone, clamp a long and straight board to the fence.  The longer fence is better!

Add A Fence to The Miter Gauge

A miter gauge might give you a headache and ruin your workpiece. Don’t worry, fasten a fence (can be a straight piece of wood) to the miter gauge, then push your material and the fence past the blade. This one will bring smoother crosscuts.

Save Your Fingers With A Push Sticks

Using push sticks allows you to safely implement all the straight cuts while keeping your bare hands away from the blade.

Good luck with your table saw!

I hope with the 5 tables saw tips for beginners above, you can master your table saw and create stunning wooden pieces for your lovely house. You can share with me your tricks too!