Things to keep in mind when buying aquarium fish

You love ornamental fish. You want to buy yourself a nice indoor aquarium mini. That is easy to do. Because, at present, there are many places for you to buy them. However, the difficult thing here is what to do when buying ornamental fish to be successful in the process of caring for them. The following article will show you a few notes when choosing to buy ornamental fish.

Prepare your aquarium before buying ornamental fish

The first stage before buying ornamental fish that you need to do is to prepare the aquarium. Each person will have different hobby of fish farming. Some people like to keep in a small aquarium, others raise in a large tank. There are people who like aquariums with aquatic plants but others don’t. The way to choose an aquarium will vary, depending on your preference and actual conditions, and they will choose the appropriate aquarium type. The preparation of space for raising fish is very important. It will help you determine what type of fish will be suitable for farming in this environment. On the other hand, doing this well will make it easier for the fish to adapt when purchased.

The quantity of ornamental fish when purchased must correspond to the area of ​​the reservoir

You must know how much space is appropriate for each fish to grow. From there, estimate with the size of the reservoir how many fish you can raise. For example, a 20-gal aquarium can hold 10 2-inch fish. When buying ornamental fish, you base on the calculated number to choose the right number of farmed fish. If you do not plan ahead, you will be easily caught in one of two cases, the fish are less wide or more narrow. The second case is the most dangerous, it will affect the health of the fish, slow growth and the risk of many diseases.

Understand the behavior of farmed fish

To create a good environment for ornamental fish to grow, you must provide adequate food, nutrition, water, etc. In addition, depending on each type of fish, there are different ways of taking care because of their different living habits. together. Therefore, you must base on the actual conditions that select the type of fish with corresponding behavior. For example, you are too busy, less time to care, it is impossible to choose the types of fish that require meticulous care to breed. This is an important consideration when choosing to buy ornamental fish.

Do not choose fighting fish when buying ornamental fish

Obviously, two types of antagonism cannot exist in the same environment. Therefore, you should avoid choosing fish with contrasting behavior to keep in an aquarium. It does not make you feel comfortable, it just makes you feel hurt.

With the sharing above, hope to help you get a beautiful pool in your favorite style. Good luck!