The Watch Brands That People Admire All Over the World

I’m a watch lover. And for that, I’ve owned watches from almost all the watch brands around the world.

Of course, I don’t have that much money to own that many Rolexes.

But I can tell you that, from my own collection, there are a lot of watches that really stand out.

And when I take a look back, these following watch brands really dominate in my collection.

The first one is Fossil.

Yes, you heard that right.

This American watch brand is one of the brands that I own a lot of timepieces from.

Their watches are always affordable and stylish.

Not to mention that the functions of the watches are great as well.

If you’re tight on budget, yet you want something noteworthy, then you should seriously consider buying a watch from this brand.

Another great watch brand that I want to talk about is Hamilton.

This is a Swiss watch brand that you can easily recognize thanks to their unique way of designing their watches.

One of the most notable collections of the brand is the Hamilton Khaki collection.

It’s an elegant, simple, yet tough in design and functions.

Many people love the brand because of this very series.

And that includes me!

Finally, another watchmaker from Switzerland that I want to talk about in this article is Breitling.

This watch brand is known for their impressively designed watches.

The watches that many people would accompany with words like “sophisticated”, “classy”, and more.

The reason is that Breitling watches are not typical watches. They’re classified as luxury watches.

And for that reason, their functions and features are really great.

I have one Breitling timepiece.

And whenever I wear it, people always come and ask me about it.

How cool is that?